How to Announce Your Engagement

Congratulations, you are engaged!  It is up to you whether you want to wait to tell everyone, if you want to throw a party for your nearest and dearest and announce it or send out a social media blast.

Here are suggested ways to let everyone know:

Get on the phone and call those closest to you.  Your parents, grandparents, best friends and anyone you are considering for the wedding party (you don’t have to tell them or ask them just yet about being in your wedding party).  Let them share the excitement with you.

Social Media
Snap a pic of you and your love and share it on Instagram, Facebook, snapchat, and what ever else your peeps follow you on and get ready for all those likes!

Throw a Party
You can have a party, surprise or not.  Maybe your mom or BFF wants to throw you an Engagment party to announce it to the rest of your family & friends.  A party is also a great way for your families to meet, if they haven’t already.

Wedding Website
Part of our Full Planning Package is helping you set up your wedding website.  You can share this link on Facebook or directly in an email or text.  This is also an easy way to keep everyone up to date.

Photo Shoot
One of the first things we do is book an engagement session, if you have not had one yet.  This way you have photos for your Social Media, Wedding Website and you Save the Dates.  This photographer can be different or the same as the one you use for your wedding.


Have you seen a or heard of a way someone else has announced their engagment?  Please share it below!

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